finding the harmony of wine and music

Designed to Taste

Artists are a passionate group of people... no more so than when they are working on perfecting their craft. We've had a long history of working in the music and entertainment industries and we jumped at the chance to work with two of our favorite artists on their endeavor into the wine industry. Partnering with Peju, J.W. Thomas Wines, Mat Kearney and Brett Dennen, we set out to design wine brands and packaging that fit each artist's personal taste of style and vision.

Wine Packgaging Lineup

For the Record

Mat Kearney had a very specific inspiration for how his first vintage of Napa red blend was going to marry with the music industry: vintage record labels. We researched hundreds of record designs and went through dozens of creative iterations before settling on the final design. As Mat says, "It's full of life, love and a little music. Turn it up and enjoy!" Cheers to that.

Awesome! Really, really good. You killed it on this project. Thank you. Mat Kearney, Musician/Winemaker

Turning Water into Wine Labels

Take a glance at Brett Dennen's social networks and you'll immediately notice that when he's not singing, he's very likely to be painting with water colors. The light, playful and refreshing vibe of his paintings matched perfectly with the Rosé and Sparkling Rosé wines.

a Limited Edition

Each of these specialty wines was produced in limited quantites, and, other than Whole Foods and a limited number of tasting rooms, are only available for purchase online.

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Socially Acceptable Exceptional

With a social footprint of over 700,000 likes/followers, between artists and winemakers, it wasn't long before the word got out about these new wines. Hundreds of posts and tens of thousands of likes, comments and shares made these wines a hit on social networks.


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