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If you were to go buy a new Lexus today, you'd likely be met by a salesperson ready to provide all of the highlights and tech specs of that LS you've been checking out. But before they pass their wealth of knowledge on to you, they must first be educated on all of the updates for each new model year. These Model Year Perspectives provide all of the key insights, upgrades and features for every new vehicle within the Lexus lineup.

Lexus Model Year Perspective

No Guts. No Glory.

Sitting at a nice round number of exactly 100 pages, each Model Year Perspective contains an exceptional amount of content. From comparisons of competitive luxury vehicles, to the feature-sets of the various trim lines, to all of the standard and upgrade options available, Lexus dealers have everything they need to know in one place.

SO MUCH BETTER!!! Jayme Circello, Sr. Marketing Manager, Apex Performance
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Using Tech to Talk Tech

No salesperson wants to walk around with a 100-page catalog for each make and model of vehicle, so Lexus developed 3 types of condensed educational tools to help highlight valuable insights: Insider, Vantage and What's New. Previously, these used to be printed, single or double paged flyers that associates used for quick reference. Our job was to create new, responsive tools that associates could access on their own devices. Along the way, we also helped Lexus save money, not to mention a lot of trees.

Lexus Insiders

The Trio

We built plug-and-play components that could be shared across all three unique Insider layouts. New designs could be built in a fraction of the time that the old, printed versions took.

Features on Demand

Prototyping the next generation of dealership education, we designed and built a web app that would showcase all of the content for every vechichle, past, present and future.

Lexus Features on Demand Web App


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