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When it Comes to Performance...

Of the several race-inspired quotes used in the Audi Driving Experience and Audi R8 Experience Registration websites, one of them goes like this, "When it comes to performance, the track does not lie." We're pretty sure that the websites don't lie either.

Audi sent invitations to a select group of car owners, giving them the opportunity to test drive the new S, RS 5 and R8 models on race tracks meant to ignite the senses. Our goal was to begin that experience with a little bit of visual eyecandy. Did it work?

Every event, across the country, sold out in record time.

The Websites

The success of the redesigned Driving Experience website, led to a redesign of the R8 Driving Experience website to create consistency across the two properties.



We just reinvented the registration website. Jim Studak, Director Business Strategy & Operations, Apex Performance

Super. Models.

It's no secret that the sports cars are the main attraction. Our goal was to craft the images in such a way that the vechicles remained the hero of the story.

The End is just the Beginning

We designed and built several surveys for each of the Driving events. Prior to the event, prospective participants completed Screener surveys to determine if they qualified, as well as Pre-Event Surveys to gauge their familiarity with, and potential interest in, Audi vehicles. After the event, we provided on-site surveys for drivers to complete, which were provided to Audi sales reps to follow up. Thank You emails were sent to each particpant with local dealership info and incentives.

Audi Driving Experience


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