LTCI is now USDA approved for treatment of Canine OA

LTCI is the first and only USDA-approved immune modulator for treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs.


As a veterinarian who has ordered Lymphocyte T-Cell immunomodulator (LTCI) in the past, you already know that LTCI is a USDA-approved, safe and effective treatment for FeLV and FIV. Most recently we observed that LTCI is a true immunomodulator by virtue of its effect on precursors of regulatory T-Cells, i.e. increasing the number and function of a regulatory T-Cell population. Thus, it can increase immune responses to foreign antigens and dampen auto-immmune type responses. Based upon this discovery, T-Cyte sponsored a study in dogs with osteoarthritis (OA), which has now been demonstrated to be caused by chronic immune activation against joint tissue. We received notice late last year from the USDA of approval of LTCI’s use as an aid to treat osteoarthritis in dogs, based upon a double blind, placebo controlled study (which you can download here) performed by a prominent veterinary orthopedist, Dr. Warren Jones, in Kansas City 4 years ago. The average improvement in limb function in 11 of 12 LTCI treated dogs was 40%+ based upon the “gold standard”, objective force plate analysis. In contrast, the placebo group had an average -17% decrease in function. Feedback from the field since approval last November have confirmed the study results, i.e. significantly improved mobility after the first few injections.

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LTCI is now USDA approved for treatment of Canine OA LTCI is now USDA approved for treatment of Canine OA

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For Treatment of FeLV, FIV, and Canine OA.

Lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator has received a conditional license from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Additional efficacy and potency studies are in progress. LTCI is manufactured and distributed by T-Cyte Therapeutics, Inc.

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